Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Engaged!

So, this morning Andrew called my Dad and my Mom this afternoon.
When I got back from the store with stuff for dinner, he was standing with a bouquet of roses.
I went to go hug him, but he didn't let me....(you will know why in a minute)
He started by telling me something that he has told me before:
He's been frustrated for the past eight years watching his friends find their significant others and get married, often questioning God when it would be his turn. God would always tell him to just be patient. Then he (re)met me and fell in love, and he came to realize that I was the missing rose in the bouquet of his life. He then pulled the missing rose from the bouquet that he gave me and said "You are the missing rose in the bouquet of my life, you are my rose forever and ever. Will you marry me" (This is where him not letting me hug him comes in....the rose was in his back)
I was crying this entire time, as you can probably gather. =)
So now starts a journey of a life time. HAHA For those of you who know Andrew or his family, you will understand that. Andrew is one of the craziest people I know. He is SO goofy, never serious.....ok VERY rarely, and he is the most fun out of anyone I have ever known. Yet, he is kind and EXTREMELY patient with me, even though I drive him nuts sometimes (his words not mine), and most importantly is sensitive to God.
OH, I almost forgot the most important part! The picture of the roses! How could I forget? AND he brought me my favorite candy Hershey's Chocolate W/ Almonds (the King size x2)

The rose in the middle is the one he gave to me at the end =)

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