Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bible Thoughts

SO I was reading in Exodus the other day and I came across something. The last verses of chapter 31 talk about how God called Moses up into Mount Sinai and how the cloud of the Glory of God was visible from the ground. The Very First Verse of chapter 32 talks about the children of Israel asking Aaron to build them an idol to worship because they didn't know if Moses was still alive or not.

My question is this:
How do we go from seeing the Glory of God right in front of us to worshipping other gods? (i.e. TV, Sports, Money, Material Things, etc.)

I asked this of a Pastor in my church the other day. His answer was (something to the effect of) that we get side tracked and impatient. 40 days and nights for the children of Israel (and Christians today) is a long time, therefore it's easy to look to another source for answers. Thank you Pastor S. for imparting your wisdom.

After our conversation, I thought about it. I DID THAT! I got impatient with God with things in my life and left walking with Him to find my own answers! I must have seemed dense when I asked that, but I'm glad I did; and had the chance to realize the lesson to be learned.

How many of you have walked away from God looking for your own answers because it seemed like He was taking to long? How many times?

There Is A Way! to stop the wandering.

Read Your Bible
Pray Every Day
And You'll
Grow, Grow, Grow

Monday, May 24, 2010

I forgot!

I forgot to post who won!

Stephanie! You are the lucky winner. lol Even though we have been corresponding through email. hahaha

Sorry Ya'll! I'm a "forgets-a-lot" lol

Thursday, May 20, 2010

31 Posts!!!

Wow! I feel so special! All of you who left a comment like my little bag. =) I kne it would be good for something. lol

Well, this is how I am gonna choose the winner.

1) Write each name on a piece of paper
2) Put all names in a bowl
3) Have my hunny pick a name (I have to include him!) hehe =)

I can't be fair otherwise. =) It has to be random or I will feel the guilt of the giveaway. =) lol

Thanx to all those who participated! The winner will be annouced tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Signing Up For Class

First! I have a bunch of comments already for my giveaway! Yay! I feel so special. =) Thank you to all who left one.

So today is my day to sign up for classes at college....yes, I am going to be getting married in 39 days and I will be in the throws of classes at the time. Ok, so I'm only taking a math and yoga class for the summer, but hey, I still have to plan and whip up decor and such. (I haven't been to school since last year and before that I kept dropping my classes....I just didn't want to go. =)~ Yes, yes, I know I was being lazy.)

So last week I was at church and our Pastor preached about getting into the Spirit of God. I had been feeling down lately because everytime I went to go pray in the morning it was a FIGHT to keep focused. That was frustrating. Anyways, so at the end of the service Pastor told a story about a preacher, based in our church, who was driving and praying one night. He stopped and parked on the Duke University campus. He looked up to see a Chinese man sitting on a bench reading, what looked like, a Bible. When the preacher got out of the car, he went and talked to the man. The man told him that he was almost too late, he was leaving for home in the morning. This man had been in the US for 5 years. When he had left his home, his grandmother had told him that he would meet someone who would explain the Bible to him. At the end of the story our Pastor told us that God would bring revival through college campuses across the nation. He then asked everyone to start praying, when I did, IMMEDIATELY I felt like I was in the vein of the Spirit. I started praying about the things and people in my life that are important to me. Then a thought came to my mind about college. (We have a ministry geared toward people of college age) I felt drawn to start praying about the college ministry. Then I felt deeply impressed that this time around, my college experience would be different. (Since coming back to church in March, even though I was raised in church, there has been a growth in my spiritual walk like I have never had.) I am so excited to start classes in 3 weeks. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me. Who will He put in my path? What will He teach me? Who will I be an example to? It's so exciting to think that I may be an integral part in the revival that God has in store.

Although, it was a bit of a hassle to sign up for classes. All of them were closed or wait listed. =(
I do know that wherever I end up I will be where God wants me to be.

Thank you to all those who have posted comments on my blog for the giveaway. I hope that my blog is interesting. =)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Give Away Day!

So, May 17th is give away day for Sew Mama Sew blog.

I am offically giving away my 2nd completed project. I am so excited to share my "work" with someone.

It is perfect to carry a child's toys on a trip.

I made this while thinking about my little niece and nephew. I think it is so cute. I re-purposed two pillow cases, which I am excited about. It was my second project and both times I re-purposed different things.

Leave me a comment about things you have re-purposed or DIYed (Decor/Do It Yourself). I am eager to learn about other things people have done. If you have a blog, please let me know, I love to discover new blogs and sites.

I will only be shipping in the US, sorry to those who are international.
The Give Away will comments will not be considered after May 20th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Real "Hobo Sack"

Ok, so this is the Real "hobo sack". =)

The last time I didn't read the directions correctly and I rushed the process. Too excited to see the finished product. =) I think it was also the fabric.

I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to do a zig zag stitch just from a tutorial, that I just Had to take a picture of my first succesful attempt. lol
I made the bag out of these two pillow cases....why pillow cases you ask? was 8:00 at night when I decided I wanted to make this. I didn't have anything else.

I could figure out how to incorporate the deer....I may still add it if the person who wins the "Giveaway Day" contest from Sew Mama Sew. I really like this site, it has some great tutorials and it sells fabric!! I haven't bought any yet, but soon....
This giveaway will be on May 16th, a week from Sunday (Mother's Day ~ Don't forget!).
I am excited! I can't wait to share my project with someone. I hope I get to give it to a mother with a toddler that can put his toys in it. =)
Mish, I'm gonna make one for Cy and one for Roma when you get here. You just gotta pick out the fabric for them, k?

So......for all of those who read my blog and wanna join in on the contest by giving away something you made or leaving a comment to win the giveaway prize on my blog or one of the other many many many blogs that will be doing this. Go to the Sew Mam Sew site on May 16th to get linked to all the blogs doing this or to sign up as a participant.

Such a cute lil baggie =)