Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easy Peezy Chicken Breezy AND Mancakes

Ok, So there is probably not a recipe called that =) but this is my cheater chicken salad. My mom loved it, so it has to be good. lol

You start with as much chicken as you want, and if you don't have a salad shooter like me and you don't want to hand chop all the chicken and celery, you can us this: 
I call it my little chop chop. It's actually called a food chopper or something, but, Hey, I like to name my stuff =) Sue me lol
This is what it does:

It chops really good! I love it. Take a piece of chicken or a couple pieces of celery and this is what happens:

SO, back to recipe.
Easy Chicken Salad
2 pieces of boneless/skinless chicken breast (chopped finely)
2-4 pieces of celery (about 3-4 inches long) Chopped finely
Mayonnaise to taste (Enough to make mixture creamy)
Mustard (optional) to taste

NOW for the spread...Use any kind of bread you want. I just made this on Saturday and LOVED it. The Pesto Mayo that I used for the Chicken Sandwiches in my last post I used on these sandwiches. I have to say....I was bomb diggity! =)~



You are probably wondering what that is. Well, Andrew and I were watching a documentary series of this guy going around the country and finding the best "pig out joints" across the nation. In one place he found Mancakes (A pancake on steroids)

I made this for Andrew the other morning:

You can laugh now. =) They filled the entire bottom of the pan and a pain in the ba-honkus to flip over.
I just had to share. I was so proud of myself for making them. There is two there, but the one on bottom is hidding. =)

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