Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bible Thoughts

SO I was reading in Exodus the other day and I came across something. The last verses of chapter 31 talk about how God called Moses up into Mount Sinai and how the cloud of the Glory of God was visible from the ground. The Very First Verse of chapter 32 talks about the children of Israel asking Aaron to build them an idol to worship because they didn't know if Moses was still alive or not.

My question is this:
How do we go from seeing the Glory of God right in front of us to worshipping other gods? (i.e. TV, Sports, Money, Material Things, etc.)

I asked this of a Pastor in my church the other day. His answer was (something to the effect of) that we get side tracked and impatient. 40 days and nights for the children of Israel (and Christians today) is a long time, therefore it's easy to look to another source for answers. Thank you Pastor S. for imparting your wisdom.

After our conversation, I thought about it. I DID THAT! I got impatient with God with things in my life and left walking with Him to find my own answers! I must have seemed dense when I asked that, but I'm glad I did; and had the chance to realize the lesson to be learned.

How many of you have walked away from God looking for your own answers because it seemed like He was taking to long? How many times?

There Is A Way! to stop the wandering.

Read Your Bible
Pray Every Day
And You'll
Grow, Grow, Grow

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